About Us


Founded in 2001, TPI  has been sourcing equipment, tools and supplies for the Oil and Gas Industry for over 20 years.

OUR MISSION: Supply equipment, accessories, consumables and services to the industry in an effective and efficient way, complying with the technical specifications, time and agreed costs, in this way we generate added value and contribute to the continuous improvement of the management of our clients. 

OUR VISION: To be internationally recognized as a reliable company supplying equipment, accessories, consumables and services for the industry, whose main objective is customer satisfaction.


Because we can offer you the best brands, best prices and best lead times.

OUR VALUES: Organizational values ​​are the support of our Corporation culture:

  • Inspire and develop the Vision      and Mission of our company.
  • Customer satisfaction. 
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Continuous improvement. 
  • Teamwork. 
  • Mutual respect. 
  • Humility. 


We are a company specialized in equipment, accessories, consumables supplies and services for the Oil and Gas industry, but not limited to just that. Our focus is achieving the satisfaction of our customers.

Our goal is to be able to work with you, see you grow and be part of your team.